Friday, August 24, 2007

A Simple mistake...

...with a very happy ending.

Let me explain. I went on a driving tour with some author-friends of mine who are doing a book on the retreat of the Army of Northern Virginia. They needed some photos, and to retrace their route to see that all was in order. It was an awesome day!

We left Gettysburg shortly after 9am, and finished in Williamsport Maryland around 2pm. Today's focus was on the retreat of the Confederate wagon train of wounded. I went to several places I've never been to, and saw many interesting sights along the way. We also met some extremely awesome people.

A strange incident occurred along the route. We first went to the Snyder farm for a picture (1st image above). The people there were very friendly and related some information about their place. Next stop was a bit up the road at the Hege farm (2nd and 3rd above). We talked with the good folk there, who are decendants of the original owners. They related some very interesting local lore about deeds of mischief along the route. We also were given a period poem, written about incidents that occurred there.

As we were leaving, some fool, who will remain nameless, (me) shut his seatbelt latch in the sliding door of the van. It wasn't all the way closed, and it wouldn't open. We pulled over in front of a driveway for some outside assistance. As we did so, one of the guys from the Hege farm came down and introduced us to his aunt, Joyce. Joyce invited us into her home, and showed us some things that were never seen before, including an unpublished letter about the affair of the retreat. The luck of the "Polish!" once again. It was an awesome moment, and all were extremely pleased.

I even was given permission to screw up again should the opportunity present itself.

By the way, if you are interested in the battle, but have never driven the retreat, it is highly encouraged. We also made stops in South Mountain, Middletown, and Frederick. It was an excellent day, and I look forward to doing it again!
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