Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you are going to e-mail me...

...about things I post on this blog, at least have the balls to sign your name to the e-mails! I get them all the time, mostly people telling me I'm 'too harsh!', too opinionated, etc., etc. If you send me an e-mail that is politely written from your regular e-mail address, I'll read it, consider what you're saying, and maybe even reply. If you're not decent enough to sign your name, I have no use for them. Straight to the 'deleted Items' folder. I got an e-mail signed 'Anonymous poster'. The address was "somebodywhodisagrees@hotmail.com. What do you think I did with it? Didn't even open it!

Ok, so I started this blog as a way to let friends and family back home know how things were going, and what I experience on a day-to-day basis here in my new version of 'the Burg!' (note that there is no H!) It turns out that I tend to be opionated and I tend to editorialize...Here's a thought...so what? It's my blog! You don't like it, don't read it! You think I'm wrong! good for you, as it is a free country, and you can think that way. You want to go on a ghost tour, good for you as well! Just don't ask me to come along!

Opinions are good. Disagreement is good. I've received an e-mail from a person in the United kingdom, who's currently touring the States. He says the blog helped him plan his trip. A lot of folks don't realize how awesome in scope this campaign was, how much the NPS doesn't own, and how much can still be lost!

I welcome all comments, e-mails and opinions, and I never have said I'm right all the time or I know everything. These past 5 months have made me realize how much I didn't know, but 'm learning! If you want me to read what you have to say, have the guts to let me at least know who you are. Don't be a coward! If guys like the one in the above picture were cowards, where would we be? He fought for his beliefs. Fight for yours!
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