Thursday, August 9, 2007

Her name was 'Miracle',...

...and out of my life, she walked forever!...That's a good "hook, line and sinker!", let me tell you the story.

I'm tending bar in the Mine. No big deal, 'cause it's too hot to drink anyway...

..and in she walks. "Hi, my name is Miracle (It's true, I carded her!), and I'd like a Corona!"...No problem here, as we have those.

Did I mention that she's beautiful? She has a husband (who here didn't see that coming?), and she came on to me all night. "I'm not happily married. My husband wants to 'swing'!"...remember, this is my life we're talking about here. "I don't want to." she says. "I may leave him."

Two phone calls to the bar from the husband, and 14 (yep, 14!) missed calls to her cell later, I'm still the guy she's coming on to. I have a 'happily-together' couple and a gay guy from Germany, in the bar with me, so where the hell do you think she'll head? Look at the time of this post. I do have to work at 9am tomorrow.

The husband finds us, outside the Mine, talking. He has the three kids (did I mention them?) in the van with him, and he's headed back to Lancaster. "Miracle, are you coming with me? I have your kids!"

He left. And, thinking clearly, I left as well. There were no Miracles in my life on this night! I have no idea what became of her. I don't know if I'll ever see her again! If I do, well, okey-dokey. If not, well, "Bye!" Everyone needs a miracle in their life! This one just wasn't meant to be! Story of my life! Why should things change now?!
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