Monday, August 13, 2007

A most interesting day on Sunday...

...A typical Sunday at work. I fought another battle in Gettysburg, and finally prevailed at around 5:55pm. It was the battle of the sales goal. I fight it everyday, and we go about 50-50, so yesterday was a good day.

I took a walk to the food court shortly after 1pm. Got back, and I'm sitting in the office eating lunch. I look out onto the sales floor, and think, "Hey! That guy looks a lot like Eric Wittenberg!" A good thing for him, because it was Eric and Susan, passing through on their way back to Columbus. Eric, it was good seeing you, though it was only briefly. Glad things are going well, and I'll see in again in just under two weeks! Sorry I missed you both as you left. I was up front, and saw "The Vidette", but I had to go get something for a customer. When I came back, it was gone.

About a half hour after that, it got crazy in the ole Nautica store. I found a bat hanging under an empty shelf near the storefront. Got the big dustpan and broom. Swept it into the dustpan and closed the lid. The bat didn't like this very much, as it started flapping around in the dustpan. Took it about 50 ft. outside the store in the parking lot, and let it go...

...What do you think happened?...(Who here doesn't see this one coming?)...

...Straight out of the dustpan, and directly back into my store! A woman outside looks at me and says, "Wow! That didn't quite work the way you wanted it to, did it?"...Thank you, Captain Obvious! "No, it didn't!"

After about 15 minutes of constant flight, and a lot of fear and a few comments from customers, because of course, everyone is now a bat-removal expert, it lands and hangs in the rafters near the storefront. I got another mall employee to help me, and we netted it in a beach towel. He took way out back of the mall, and let it go. It flew into the woods, so the story had a happy ending!

Had a small dinner with Dr. Dave, who looks good after all the miles he rode on his bike, and Carol at Friday's. Always a pleasure, and we should do it more often!

Then it was on the square. I went to Mama V's, and met my good friends Frank and Regina for a few drinks! To top it off, Nicky, the bartender there was watching "the family Guy." On this particular episode, Brian and Stewie were on the Gettysburg battlefield. Funny stuff! It was a classic! At around 11 o'clock, Gettysburg even got some much-needed rainfall.

Tonight, I work in the Mine again, so most likely, there will be a story to post at a later date. Tomorrow, weather permitting, it'll be some kayaking on the lake at Codorus State Park, in Hanover. The fun never stops!
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