Tuesday, August 7, 2007

4 Down, and a lifetime to go!

Well, four months in Gettysburg have come and gone, and all is still well. I love it here! What more can I say? I used to think I knew a lot about this place and what happened here 144 years ago. Now, I truly realize how much more that I did not know. So, I make it a point to learn something new everyday...to visit a place off the beaten path...to find a monument I've never seen...to walk a trail I've never walked before...etc. And it's fun. With the help of some friends, and sometimes by pure, dumb luck, I've found several.

I've learned a lot, and in the process, I've made many new friends, and have had lots of fun. I've had several good friends come and stay with me over the course of a few weekends. We did some battlefield stompin' and some drinkin', and had the most awesome of times. I truly was sorry to see them all go, and I do look forward to their return. The only thing more special about the Gettysburg battlefield itself is sharing it with friends.

So, the invitation is open. Anyone who wants to come and visit is more than welcome to do so any time they want. Trust me, there's more to this place than monuments and markers. If you come, you can find something fun to do, and can in no way leave without having a good time. I guarantee it!
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