Sunday, August 5, 2007


...It rained today. Not nearly enough to end the drought, but maybe enough to help save the corn and the apples. It almost hurts seeing thousands of acres of dried and brown corn...the amount of time and money spent planting it, and the loss of potential income from seeing the endeavor fail. I'm not a farmer, nor do I ever wish to be, but I have sympathy for those who do.

Thought Friday might be the day. Fairfield got over two inches of rain in less than an hour. McSherrystown had quarter-sized hail. Gettysburg got nothing but an awesome lightning show in the distance, which I watched from the VA monument and quite often said, "Wow! Awesome!"

Too late to bring the grass back here. It's not just dead. A lot of it is gone. At least now, instead of dust, we'll have dried mud! Oh, well! Whatever happens is beyond my control!
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