Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I was warned...

 some who lived here for awhile that it might happen. I said that it never would, but I do think it is starting to happen. Today confirms it!

As I took a break from packing my life into small boxes, I decided to drive around 'the field'. I've been away fom it for awhile for no reason other than too much else was going on. Didn't think I missed it. Didn't think I was starting to 'take it for granted' but I guess I was. I was headed into the mindset "it's there everyday, so I can go out tomorrow."

Kinda scares me a bit! Have I truly become 'one of them', the person who curses the town, curses the tourists, curses the park service, and doesn't appreciate the treasure that is right basically in my own backyard? I hope note!

I don't think it has happened. The first step in solving a problem is to admit you have one (funny, I know I have a problem when it comes to spending money, but I can't kick that addiction!).

Maybe it was discovered soon enough. Maybe I needed some time away to realize what I missed. The brief time I spent with JD last Fri., and my drive today made me remember what is truly important.

You can take away the traffic, take away some of the idiots who live here, take away the King (Latschar) and his ill-conceived ideas, take away the small-town politics, and take away the drama (please!), but what will remain?

A field of honor. A national park that truly is a treasure, one that should be visited by all and respected by all. It's here everyday. Vision just seems to sometimes get clouded by other things, but it remains, and I love it!
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