Saturday, October 4, 2008

I think the descision was already made...

...before anyone was even aware of the proposed fee. $7.50 every time I want to go see the exhibits? Thought this thing was supposed to be free? Guess I was wrong but once again. Seems a lot of things about this technological terror are not turning out to be in reality what they were first proposed to be in concept!

How many times can we be lied to and swindled by the same group of propagandists before we do something? "We need more space to properly display our artifacts."...Fine..."Hey, we only put out a small fraction of what we have. There may not be much there, but at least it's properly displayed."

"The Rosensteel collection is and always will be free to the public."..."Now, we aren't quite making enough money, even though one of our prime attractions hasn't even opened we must charge for eveything. We'll give you a chance to tell us what you think. It won't happen until maybe Oct. at the earliest."...

...What happened on Oct. 1st? The fee was announced. That's it. End of story! Wanna see the museum? Prepare to pay the price!

So, if you have a family of four, plan on spending $25 before you even get started, even if all you wanted to do was tour the museum.

I dunno. Maybe I don't live right or something, because I have problems, big problems, not with what was done, but in the way it was done. We being are lied to and made to feel sorry for an organization that overcharges and undersells everything, an organization that suposedly is poor, but that can afford to pay one of its executives $348,000 per year.

How did they think we'd react? Take it standing up like we always do? Not quite! I'll go see the Cyclo a few times, but that will be it. If I wanna pay to see a museum, I'll go to Harrisburg and see a real CW museum, not the Gettysburg museum-wanna-be that Latschar and his friends in the Foundation lied to us about and screwed us all over with.
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