Sunday, June 15, 2008

So, they're in the news again...

...the ghost tours that descend upon the streets of Gettysburg like a plague of locusts. Enough, already!

So, what's going on this time? A lot of the tours aren't following the rules!

What rules? A series of guidelines put into place by the boro to help regulate an out-of-control industry!

The include limits on the sizes of the tours, group leaders being required to wear identification badges, and so forth.

It's kinda sad to me that an entire industry is springing forth based on something that cannot even be proven to exist. It's also sad that many of those in said industry don't want to follow some simple rules to help make things better for all.

If you've ever been through Gettysburg on a weekend night during peak tourist season, you'll understand why regulation is necessary.

Large groups of people with no respect for private property walking up and down the streets. People who think it's ok to stop traffic so that they're groups can cross the street. Groups of people who won't even move aside to let you pass by as you move down the sidewalk. "I paid good money for this. If I move aside, I might miss something!"

Don't get me wrong, there are legitimate tours and tour owners who do respect the rules. I may not agree with what they're doing, but as long as they legally do it, it's their right.

So, what's the solution? Crack down on the idiots who don't follow the rules. Fine them out of business, run them out of business, or at least boycott their tours. Legality is not an option! If you want to play the game, follow the rules!
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