Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My True Gettysburg Dream...

...and the first major purchase I'd have made (after the celebratory party, of course) if I had ever won Powerball would have been the George Spangler Farm. Located 'behind the Roundtops', and between the Baltimore Pike and Taneytown Rd., the Spangler Farm was a major Union field hopsital, and the site where Confederate Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead died a few days after the battle.

Because of the historic significance of the place, and because it was for sale on the open-market, the farm was recently purchased by the Gettysburg Foundation with the ultimate goal of interpreting the property and eventually turning it over to the NPS.

This is a major stroke of good news. Many areas that are currently private property in the Gettysburg area have major significance, yet are totally unprotected and may possibly be lost forever. It is wonderful that such organizations as the Foundation are able to see that these properties are protected, lest we have another fiasco like the area that was once Camp Letterman.

It is stated that $1.9 million dollars was paid for the 80 acres of the Spangler Farm. Remember, the Foundation needs money to continue to do this type of work, so donate if you can. This entire area will benefit if you do!

Remember also that we should give three cheers to the Gettysburg Foundation for all of their efforts. In spite of what we think of the new Visitor Center (and it totally wasn't the fault of the Foundation itself) the Gettysburg Foundation continues to fulfill their ultimate mission of preserving what once was the area of the Gettysburg Campaign.
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