Friday, June 27, 2008

Reenactment Overload...!

How many reenactments can one town take, and in how short of time can they happen? I guess we are about to find out.

This weekend just outside of Gettysburg, on the site of the former Yingling farm and major reenactments of the past, they are having 'the March to Destiny" reenactment. Mid-week, on the Sheppard Farm south of town, they are reenacting the Cavalry Battle of Hanover. Also, throughout the week, Black Horse Tavern is having living history on site, the Confederates are taking and occupying the Shriver House in town, and various living histories such as the farbfest at the Wax Museum will be happening. The weekend of the 4th-6th of July will have the 145th anniversary reenactment, and the following weekend, near Frederick, MD, there will also be a reenactment.

Can you say, "Phew! That's a bunch!"?

Just who exactly are the event promoters counting on actually being there to both participate and also to watch? The cavalary fight will be good, the in-town living histories will get there share, and of course the 145th will get major turnouts. What about all the rest.

I don't know. It may just be my opinion, but I think that too much is being done, that the farbs will be out in full-force, and that this will be just another death-nail in an already dying hobby. Anyone else agree?
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