Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One Continuous Fight

I remember this thing when it was a crazy idea put out there by some friends of mine. My, has time passed, and wow, is it awesome actually holding a copy in my hand! Now, the copy I have isn't quite the finished work, but it's close enough!

I was there for the final check of the tour of the wagon train of wounded (even made a dumb mistake that uncovered gold!), was sent on a last-minute mission to Chambersburg, and even a year and a half ago, was drug through Fairfield, across the mountains and into Carroll Valley (Sorry, JD! Steve and I did have fun!) hearing about what happened along the way. Through it all, I was told, "You just wait 'til the book comes out!"

Well, ok! I just got it a few days ago, and I'm only about 50 pages into it! Guess what?! It was worth the wait! I hope Eric, JD, and Mike are proud of it, because IT IS THAT GOOD!

I have my share of books, but I don't read as much as I should. Rarely do I get excited about the release of a book. I was given a copy of Plenty of Blame To Go Around in November of '06, and finally got around to reading it in June of '07, a few days before the authors showed up at my place for what turned out to be a good weekend. Shame on me! I won't wait that long again!

If you've read a lot about the Gettysburg Campaign, or even just the battle here, and/or if you've ever wondered about what happened after the battle, buy and read this book when it becomes available! You will not be sorry! Instead, you will feel like you were there!
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