Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, it's over!

My seven day, 53 hour work week has maybe come to an end. I say maybe, because I may have to work today for 4 hours, but I'm hoping not.

Anyway, after a few rough days of preparation, the seminar was held in my store yesterday. I had my boss (my District Manager, Dianne), her boss (my Regional Manager, Robbie) and four other store managers in my store yesterday morning. You always worry about such things when this happens..."Is the store clean enough?...Are we meeting company standards?...What did I do wrong that I don't know about?., etc., etc.

Well, after two hours of customer service learning, and a few games, the seminar ended. The other 4 managers had to to 'critique my store?' shall we say? I saw good things happening. Notes being taken. Things they saw that they wanted to take back to their store. Made me feel good.

The other store managers left, and then I thought the day would go downhill a bit. I was wrong! It just got better. I got a lot of compliments from both Robbie and Dianne on how good things looked, how great way were doing, and so forth. I got some information I can use, we made a few minor changes, and the day was good.

I was dreading it beforehand, but now I'm glad it happened. When a Regional Manager who's responsible for 36 stores throughout the country can only say "You have too many belts out.", and when the best thing he has to do is to help a PT sales associate hang shirts, it's a good day!

Now on to the weekend. I have my best friend from home and his girlfriend coming tonight to stay with me for the wekend. It'll be fun!
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