Saturday, July 28, 2007

So, what are 'orbs', anyway?

Had an interesting night on the Gettysburg battlefield. I was out on the field with some friends, and we did some exploring, first in the Triangular Field, and then near Spangler's Spring. I had my new digital camera out for it's first test run, and two things worthy of note happened.

First of all, look at two of the images I took. What do you see? Orbs, or dust? I have my thoughts, and I won't speculate. Let's just say that the orbs, if that's what they are, weren't visible when I took the shots!

Secondly, earlier in the day, I put a fresh set of batteries in my camera. I took maybe 30 pictures. We were in the Triangular Field, and as I tried to take a picture, the batteries went dead, I couldn't take the shot. I put a fresh pair of batteries, from a newly opened pack in the camera, and they wouldn't work either. We left, and then went to Spangler's Spring. The newer set of batteries still did not work at Spangler's Spring, so, just for the heck of it, I put the old pair back in. Guess what happened? Things worked fine. I took about 20 pictures near Spangler's Spring with the dead batteries from the Triangular Field, more than a few of which have 'orb-like objects'. You tell me what happened? I have my thoughts, but it is freaky, nonetheless!
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