Sunday, July 29, 2007

The luck of the Irish (or, in my case, the Polish!)

I had my first run-in with the local Gettysburg authorities today. I took my friend and his girl to Dunlap's, on the west side of town, for breakfast. As we were leaving, I left out the back, to avoid Rte. 30 traffic. As I was headed up Spring St., I debated making a right on Howard Ave., but did not.

Next thing I knew, one of Gettysburg's finest had their lights flashing, and pulled me over. Officer Donna Powers said I did not come to a complete stop, but rather rolled through it. She, of course, asked me for my paperwork, which I quickly produced. As she went back to her cruiser, I saw her on the radio, and then writing. In a remarkably short time, her door opened, and she started back to my car. I said, "She didn't take nearly enough time to write a ticket. I'm getting a warning!

Both people in my car said no way! A ticket was coming. Because I had all of my paperwork in order, including address changes on license, registration, and insurance (she said most people she stops do not), and because I was extremely polite with her (again, most people are not), she did give me a warning. I thanked her, and went on my way. No arguments or complaints here! (Did I mention that I did thank her, however! Sorry, Basecat, I got away with one, but you didn't! Someone's gotta do it!)

We ended up spending a good deal of time on the field today. stood on Little Round Top at about 5pm and watched it rain just a few miles down the road, but not a drop fell in Gettysburg! Same story, different day!
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