Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Complete Gettysburg Guide...

...By J. David Petruzzi, with maps and photos by Steven Stanley is a book every Civil War enthusiast or lover of not just the Gettysburg Battlefield, but the entire area of the Gettysburg Campaign, should have. This book is that good!

Let me back up a bit by saying that, even though I am very good friends with the author, I was skeptical at first about anything Gettysburg-related being called "complete." "Define what you mean by complete" I thought. Nothing on this pivotal battle, of which we know so much, but also of which there is still so much to learn, can be called complete.

All doubts were erased when I saw a copy of the book several weeks ago. It may not be "complete", but it is closer than anyone has come thus far!

The layout of the book makes it both interesting and easy to read. There is a wealth of information, with detailed directions to find each point of interest, listed. Additional information on what happened in each of the areas, or what made them special, is also included. Novice or first-time visitors, as well as veteran field stompers can find something new or of interest in this book.

Included are tours of the lesser-known battles in Fairfield, Hunterstown, and the South Cavalry Field, as well as the cemeteries and even the rock carvings. It is mamazing to me that so much information can be presented in the detail it is without a lot of things being over-looked.

While this book will not substitute for a battlefield guided tour, it is a good supplement for finding out of the way areas, or finding your way around on your own.

I'll cut it short here, but not before saying a few more things; Buy this book! If you have it already, read this book! If you've already read it, get your butt out on the field and give a try! (Lori and I look for this book every time we drive the field or walk in town, so we had better start seeing more of it out there and in use!)You'll be amazed at what you can find that you may never have seen before. If you are like me, hours will pass in what seems like mere minutes, and you won't want to go home!
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