Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I was once was lost..."

..."but now I'm found!"

Camp Letterman, one of Gettysburg's lesser known localities. The largest field hospital of the Civil War, treating over 20,000 casualties from the battle of Gettysburg. A place where only the most-dedicated or knowledgeable of tourists venture (unless it's to Sheetz, on Camp Letterman Drive).

Camp Letterman was a master-piece of organization, a place far ahead of its time. Most of it was lost to development. The Giant complex and the Gettysburg Marketplace, Sheetz, the Peebles Plaza, and so forth. Only a small, 28-acre parcel was thought to be left, and even it was set for development by Target and S&A Homes. Yet, the deal fell through, both places pulled out, and now the 28-acres, the remnants of this technological miracle is being cleared almost daily of trees, and is back on the open market. In today's economy, the $6.1 million pricetag may be a bit steep for most developers, so there is a chance.

If you feel that Camp Letterman is a national shrine, a place that deserves to be somewhat preserved, as several of Gettysburg's lesser-know areas have been, go to Facebook and join the group , "Let's Save Camp Letterman" to make your voice be known. We need members to generate awareness. People need to know that it is still out there and still available. Tell your friends, and let's generate some numbers.
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