Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Camp Letterman but once again...


SA Homes and Target are planning on developing pretty much the little parcel of Camp Letterman that remains. This is quite sad. I know, it's not part of the battle, most of it's been lost already, etc., etc. A friend of mine on his blog says basically the same. I disagree, but that's what makes this the good, ole' USA! We can do such things and still be friends.

Anyway, Target is an intrinsically evil company. I haven't been to one in almost two years, nor will I ever go into one again. Why? Not because they want to build on the site of Camp Letterman. Because the are owned by the French, and, since the French don't support the U.S. military (Hey! That's their right! Just remember that the next time some power-hungry dictator with plans of world domination takes their country and they need help getting it back! History repeats itself, and it's happened twice already! What country is the first they expect to help them get it back?). Since they don't support the U.S. military, they will not allow the US Marine Corps to collect "Toys for Tots" at any of their locations.

This is where my problem begins! By doing this, they are not hurting the Marines. They are hurting the children who the Marines collect toys for. The Marines can fight for themselves. These poor children cannot!

So, if for no other reason, please hit this link and sign the petition. Hey, it may not do any good, but it can't hurt, either!

Camp Letterman Petition
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