Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Siskey family picnic!

Most likely, the last one! It used to be a 'pumpkin picking picnic', where all the friends and relatives came out early, we went out to the fields and did all the picking, and then had a big party. But, it got too hard to coordinate the picking, and sometimes the weather didn't cooperate (ever tried to free a Dodge pickup loaded with 1500 lbs of pumpkins from being stuck in the mud?). So, a few years ago, we decided to do the picking in advance, and have all the party-goers get together and help us wash them. We wash them in bleach and water. It helps kill any mold or fungus, and also hardens up the skin so they last longer before rotting (who would've known?). Everyone still had way too much fun, and all the work got done.

Due to a number of reasons, this is most likely the last year for pumpkin picking, and the last picnic of this size, so it was a major event. At one point, I counted 76 people at the picnic. Best guess for total attendance was between 95 and 100. Lotsa family members, and many awesome friends, some of whom go back to when my Dad was just a kid. I got to see my aunt and uncle from Hollywood, FL, and my cousin Dennis, his wife Lori, and son Anthony from Ft. Lauderdale (well, Weston, actually, but close enough!). My brother even made it home for a brief, but fun visit!

In true form, my mother had enough food for a small army, and leftovers, the best part of any picnic, made there way back to Gettysburg! It was fun. Great having the family and friends together. If you came and didn't have a good time, or left hungry, it was your own fault! Thanks to everyone who came, and even moreso to everyone who helped make it happen! It was greatly appreciated by all!
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