Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I understand why this is necessary,

But I never understood why it wasn't done until after Remembrance Day Weekend. With so many people coming for one last time before the Spring, and with the crowd being mostly reenactors and living historians, it never made sense to close the park roads at 7:00 for this weekend. The types of people in Gettysburg for Remembrance Day are not relic hunters or vandals; they're here because they enjoy, love and respect this place. Why close early? I think it's a waste.

People on the field until 10pm are people who might also stop in town for food or drink afterward. While it is all supposed to be about history, we all know that this weekend is the last big financial and economy-boosting weekend in the area. With things the way they are for many, why not encourage people to stay out rather than forcing them to leave early?
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