Thursday, April 14, 2011

I must have looked at 1000 pictures...

...but I finally found 2 in which I could positively identify myself. In both, I'm near the top, coming out a "shell crater" on the beach. I have my rifle almost at port arms, and have a gas brassard on my right sleeve above the elbow. Found me yet? Trust me, I'm there.

The event is the annual D-Day reenactment on Lake Erie and the beaches of Conneaut, OH. It's a good event. If you live anywhere near the area, it's well worth the trip. There are usually two P-51 Mustang fighters strafing the beach, period landing craft ,German hillside emplacements, period civilians and french Resistance fighters, and even a few airborne scenarios. Look up D-Day Conneaut on the internet. The details are there. It happens on a Saturday in mid-August. I'll post more details as it gets closer.

The beach is about 200yds wide, and by the time you run through the sand with weapons and gear, going in an out of holes, and trying to keep your head down, it's a good feeling getting to the sea wall and making a push up the hil to win the day!
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