Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Laughing at Living History...

More from the glorious encampment. The weapons carrier isn't so bad, but look at the flag. In a parade, etc., the POW/MIA flag is great, but in a WWII camp, trying to recreate a WWII scene, not so much! The netting, the pvc weapons, the list goes on! How about a 1970's-eratruck in a 1940's-era setting? It's green, right?

As to the tent with the other displays, besides the one with the rubber grenade with disposable camera next to it, I took no others. I will say that those telling about the displays were as clueless as the displays were wrong! There was an airsoft Thompson smg, and an airsoft German MP 40. When asked a question about the firing rate of a real MP 40, the guy with the display answered, "I don't know, but I think about 37 or 39 rounds!" about being informed. 400-450 is more like it, and if he was confused and thought they meant the year, I think "MP 40" should be a good clue!

Gettysburg reenacting at its worst, and Gettysburg reenacting spreading like a cancer!
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