Monday, August 11, 2008

So, Lori hands me a lead,...

...and Maybell's on the other end. A judge says, "Once around.", and Maybelline and I follow Lori and Fannie (Actually, I follow Maybell, who's been here before and knows what's going on, even though I'm lost!). We go once around the ring together, a guy hands me a purple ribbon, and everyone says, "Good job! You got your first point!"

I felt a bit clueless (still do!), but Lori, her parents, and both dogs were happy, so Maybelline helped me do something right.

Truthfully, it was a fun experience. Fannie, Maybelline, and even Lori are dog-show veterans, and together, they'll get me through this. I actually had fun. It's not necessarily something I'd like to do all the time, but for a few times each year, I'll show.

...Now, all I have to do is learn what to do, and all will be good in our worlds!
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