Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day in Gettysburg...

...and we dressed for the occasion! Memorial Day to me is the most important non-religious holiday. Without the veterans who we are remembering and honoring, we wouldn't be celebrating anything. We owe them all our thanks and respect for our very existence. They've laid it on the line, and many never made it home to see the result of their sacrifice. Many more have come home battered and torn, both physically and mentally, and for all of them, their lives have never been or will never be the same! Truly, where would we be without them?

That said, the Gettysburg Memorial Day parade has always been my favorite. It's short enough and laid back enough that as a participant, one can interact with the crowd. The people are appreciative, and it is also a true honor to be able to shake the hands of the many veterans who come out to see the parade. Many of them thank us for coming out, which is very ironic, since by coming out, we are trying to thank them. It is a great parade for all, and I'm proud to be able to be a part of it.

Pictured with me above is my good friend Karl. Karl has a Civil War uniform, but a short time ago, I asked him, if I helped suit him up for it, would he like to go as a WWII participant? Obviously he agreed, so we did it. (Karl, it was good to know you had my back. Thanks!) We got Bobbie out to see the parade, along with Karl's girlfriend Donna, our good friends Frank and Regina from NYC, another friend Ed, and the most important (at least to me), my new girlfriend Lori. It was great to see them all in a group waiting for us near the end of the route. We had a lot of moral support!

Aferward it was to lunch at TGI Friday's, and then a bit of R&R time. It truly was a great day!
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